Technical Paper Presentation Topics

Technical paper presentations are important for any school or class dealing with technical ideas or formats -- such as engineering classes, technology classes, or computer classes. Your topics, therefore, will have to do with your school and your class and could range from very simple to very difficult. There are literally thousands of different technical paper presentation topics, so it is important to look at the various topic categories to get an idea of how to find the right one for you.

  1. Technical Explanation Topics

    • There many concepts or ideas you can explain technically. The way a computer works, technical safety measures for bridges, or technical requirements for creating medicine are all types of these topics.

    Nontechnical Concept Explained in Technical Terms Topics

    • Sometimes, technical papers will be a technical discussion of something that isn't very technical. Examples of these types of paper and presentation topics include a technical explanation of animal habitats. The habitats themselves are not very technical, but once you begin to explain the amount of soil needed, various water and weather requirements, and the other animals necessary for the ecosystem to thrive, you can begin to be very technical in your explanation.

    Technical Step-By-Step Process Topics

    • Other types of technical paper presentation topics include those that discuss a technical process in step-by-step directions. writing computer code or building a bridge are both technical topics requiring your paper and your presentation to focus on the steps needed to complete the task.

    Technical Exploration Topics

    • Some topics for technical papers and presentations are of exploratory topics. For advanced courses, or courses that deal with things such as space or time you might see several topics that encourage you to explore more as you write them. Paradoxes of the universe" or time travel are technical ideas that can be explored more in depth as you work with the paper and presentation.

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