Ideas for Preschool Grants

Whether you are a private preschool or you receive government funding, if you want to run innovative learning programs for your young students, you will likely need supplemental funds. Grants are a great way to get that funding, while simultaneously showing your community some of the great education programs you are rolling out for your students.

  1. Offer Programs for Special Needs Children

    • Because federal, state and private grants are available for preschools who offer services to children with disabilities, one idea for getting a preschool grant is to start a program that offers these special services. According to the U.S. Department of Education, some of the programs supported by federal grant money include psychological and physical therapy, programs for parents and children with disabilities and training for staff members. Consider designing a a program like these or augmenting an already-exiting one. You will not only increase your eligibility for a grant, but you will also be offering a valuable service to your community.

    Stress Literacy

    • Because strong readers struggle less than those who have difficulty learning to read and write, there are a number of grant opportunities for preschools who want to include early literacy programs in their curriculum. Some state and local departments of education offer the Early Reading First program, which designates federal money for preschools that institute a high-quality early literacy curriculum. Even the department store Target offers money to preschools who have programs devoted to helping students learn to read and write. Newly designed reading curricula, book centers and teacher certifications dealing with early literacy are some ways that you might be better able to secure grant funding.

    Incorporate the Arts

    • While many people associate the arts with high schools, where students can play in bands or sing in choirs, there are grants available for preschools to develop arts programs so children are introduced to the arts early. If you are seeking grant funding, then devoting more time to arts in your preschool program may be one way to get it. Hands-on programs that allow children to create and interact with different types of art/drama/literature as well as view it may be the most successful. These kinds of programs received grants from the Silicon Valley Arts Council in California.

    Serve Homeless Preschoolers

    • According to Federal Grants Wire, agencies that make it easier for homeless children to access education are eligible for federal funding disbursed through the states. You may want to offer tuition waivers for homeless children, special accommodations (such as meals and fresh clothes) or programs for parents and children to learn parenting skills together.

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