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Purchase an extra cauldron to make potions faster in "Mystic Emporium."

Witches must move fast in enchanted games where they must defeat enemies, deliver bewitched items or brew potions. Kids enjoy flying on a broomstick now and then or tossing a toadstool into a beaker filled with a boiling aqua blue potion. Some may say this isn't healthy, but as long as kids are vanquishing the minions and not turning people into them, there's no harm done.

  1. "Magic Flower vs Evil Witch"

    • You can play "Magic Flower vs Evil Witch" for free at Game Trick online. Use the mouse to move the Magic Flower character backward, forward, up and down. Beware of obstacles in her path. You can vanquish obstacles that may harm her by running into them with the front of the magic broom. Shoot the enemies by pressing the "Z" and the "X" keys. Watch out for the magic the enemies throw at her as you progress to the Evil Witch, her main foe.

    Marble Cooking

    • "Marble Cooking" is a game for the personal computer, offered by Girls of Abandonware online. The main player is a little witch who must vanquish minions, disguised as spellbooks, brooms and other animated objects, to destroy the demon lord. The fighting takes place on a chessboard-like grid. The witch can only move horizontally or vertically, but the minions can float around the board in any direction. The witch lays pentagons and carrots on the board tiles. The carrots draw a rabbit to help her fight the foes. With dozens of levels in the game, kids can move the witch up a lot with this challenging game.

    "Potion Bar"

    • "Potion Bar" is an online interactive game that can be played for free at My Play City. Players create potion recipes in various types of glasses that they can upgrade to bring in more tips. Potions of various colors have different ingredients and customers choose decorations for the bottles. This time management game features an enchanting storyline, and bar customers include witches, wizards, and vampires.

    "Mystic Emporium"

    • Big Fish Games online offers an entertaining witch game for players of all ages. "Mystic Emporium" has a fairy tale feel as the witch character moves around her potion shop making potions and serving other mystical items, such as books and skulls, to her customers. The little witch can also grow a mystical plant that serves as a specialty item in the shop. The witch must move quickly and upgrade her cauldrons. In each level, customers pop in faster and she must deliver the orders as quickly as she can.

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