Yorkie Poodle Colors

A Yorkshire Terrier, one of the breeds that makes up a Yorkie poodle
A Yorkshire Terrier, one of the breeds that makes up a Yorkie poodle (Image: BananaStock/BananaStock/Getty Images)

A Yorkie poodle, more commonly known as a “Yorkie poo” or “Yorkie doodle” is a designer crossbreed between a Yorkshire terrier and a toy poodle. These small dogs come in a wide variety of colors and with different types of coats. Some are a singular color, while others have a mix of colors. Yorkie poodles should be a cross between a purebred poodle and a purebred Yorkshire terrier. Puppies in the same litter can be different colors.

Purebred Poodle Colors

Pure-bred poodles are most commonly either completely white or black. However, they may also be apricot (a reddish orange), cream, silver or blue. Blue poodles are not, of course, bright blue but a dilute of black better described as gray. These poodles are born black but fade to a gray within two years.

Purebred Yorshire Terrier Colors

Color is extremely important for a Yorkshire terrier to be recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC) breed standard. Recognized Yorkshire terriers are born with black and tan coloring. The body is black but turns a blue (gray) color with maturity, while the sides of head, muzzle, ears, legs and chest are a rich tan color.

Yorkie Poodle, Singular Color

According to website Puppy Paradise, pure black and pure silver (or blond) are among the most common Yorkie poodle colors. Pure apricot, cream, red or gold puppies are rarer. Most red puppies have at least a little bit of white in them, as do black puppies. The white is usually found on the top of the head, the muzzle and face, chin, chest or paws. As the breed is not yet recognized by the AKC, there are no official color guidelines.

Yorkie Poodle, Mixed Colors

Yorkie poodle puppies with more than one color in their coats are common. They can be mainly black with white markings around the face, they may resemble a purebred Yorkshire terrier with black and tan coloring, or they could be white or cream with tan paws. Tricolor Yorkie poodle pups are possible and can be black, tan and white, for instance, although the coloring can lighten to a silver and/or gold as the pup grows up.

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