Hair Brushing Tools for Bichons

Bichon frises require regular brushing.
Bichon frises require regular brushing. (Image: Comstock/Comstock/Getty Images)

Bichon frises are small white dogs that have thick coats. These dogs are known for being high maintenance in regards to grooming. While you can hire professional groomers to take care of clipping your bichon frise and doing other heavy-duty grooming, brushing your dog regularly is something that you can easily do on your own. Make sure that you have the proper grooming brushes for your bichon so that you can make sure that you do a good job.

Pin Brush

The pin brush is a dog grooming brush that has metal pins attached to the brush's base. Be sure to choose a pin brush that has tips attached to the pins so that the metal pins will not hurt or scratch your bichon frise. Use the pin brush to untangle any knots and to remove any mats in the bichon's hair. This is of particular importance if you leave your bichon's hair long rather than trimming it short.

Greyhound Brush

The second type of brush you should regularly use when you brush your bichon frise is a stainless steel coarse medium greyhound comb or brush. This brush is used to remove all of the hair and dirt that the pin brush will have loosened. Brush your dog's coat up and out from its skin so that the dead hair and other debris is completely removed.

Slicker Brush

Choose the slicker brush after you have bathed your bichon frise. Use this tool as you are drying the dog's coat. It has fine wire pins that are angled and is perfect for dogs that shed often, such as the bichon frise. Using it after the bath is a good idea, since it can help remove all of the hairs that have been loosened during the bath.

Rubber Brush

Rubber brushes are used on short-haired dogs that shed often to help remove the dead hair. While bichon frises are long-haired dogs, many people keep their bichons clipped short for easier maintenance. Use a rubber brush when your bichon is either dry or wet to get rid of excess hair and cut down on shedding.

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