Unusual Uses for Cucumbers on the Eyes

Made mostly of water, cucumbers hydrate the skin around your eyes.
Made mostly of water, cucumbers hydrate the skin around your eyes. (Image: Goodshoot/Goodshoot/Getty Images)

Slices of cool, refreshing cucumbers are not just for your salad. It is a common sight to see cucumbers resting over the eyes of many people in a spa. This vegetable is mostly comprised of water and is commonly known to relieve dark eye circles. However, there are more reasons to use cucumbers on your eyes than simply getting rid of dark bags beneath your eyes.

Sunburn and After Tanning

Spending too much time in the sun can result in painful sunburn, particularly on the face since your skin is more delicate and thin. To cool down your skin after sunburn, use cucumbers on your eyes and your entire face. According to Didim Today, cucumber is an excellent source of silica, which strengthens healthy connective tissue. Placing a few cucumber slices on your eyes and face for 5 to 10 minutes will help relieve your sunburn. Using cucumber slices on your eyes is also ideal after a tanning session, to give your skin some extra care and hydration.

After Crying

After crying, the skin around your eyes swells up, causing an unsightly puffy red look. This puffiness is different from dark bags due to a lack of sleep. With a great deal of crying, the skin around the eyes (including the eyelid) can become so swollen that your eyes feel irritated, itchy and painful. Placing cucumbers on the eyes will gently help relieve this puffiness and reduce redness. The soothing coolness of the cucumbers may also provide a feeling of calmness after emotional stress.

Diminishing Freckles

According to Genius Beauty, cucumber is also used to diminish the appearance of freckles. In addition to thin cucumber slices on the eyes, cucumber facial masks made with grated cucumber are left on the skin for 20 minutes to soften freckles naturally. While this may seem unusual, French women have used cucumber juice as a way to lighten freckles and spots on the skin for many years.

Fever and Inflammation

Cucumbers are not just for a day at the relaxing spa. Combined with sleep, medicine and daily care, these thin slices can help ease the discomfort you feel when you are feeling sick. Cucumbers placed over the eyes help cool down a high fever and inflammation from pesky allergies. You can also use cucumbers on your eyes if they are dry and itchy from prolonged contact lens wear.

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