The Salary of Adjuncts in New Jersey

Adjunct faculty work part-time for colleges and universities in New Jersey.
Adjunct faculty work part-time for colleges and universities in New Jersey. (Image: Hemera Technologies/ Images)

An adjunct professor teaches part-time at a college or university for both the extra stimulation of an educational environment and extra money. Most adjunct professors and teachers have another career or hobby that takes up their time. Their experience in the field offers their students a working perspective on the subject. In New Jersey, adjunct professors start around $1,800 per class.

The Union

The American Federation of Teachers New Jersey union represents 11 colleges in New Jersey. Because of the AFTNJ union presence, colleges in New Jersey tend to pay their adjunct faculty similar rates. However, there are some differences between colleges because of institution specifics like term length and local budget. Rates are paid on a per-credit basis, with most classes averaging three credits per term.

Starting New Jersey Adjunct Rates

Adjuncts starting out with the Union County College in New Jersey who have a bachelor's degree will start at the Level A pay grade. Starting adjuncts with a master's degree or are certified public accountants (CPAs) start with the Level B pay grade. As of the 2010-2011 school year, rates for adjuncts at New Jersey's Union County College were paid $559 per credit at Level A and $581 per credit at Level B. (See References 2) However, at Camden County College, adjuncts are all paid the same rate. For the fall 2009 semester, that rate was $650 per credit.

Education and Experience

While adjuncts earned a flat rate at Camden County College, Union County College pays their adjuncts with greater experience and education get paid more. With more than six years of service at Union County College, an adjunct professor working during the 2010-2011 school year earned between $648 and $725 per credit depending on years served and level of education. In the 2011-2012 school year, adjunct professors will earn between $668 and $750 per credit.

Calculating Annual Earnings

To determine an adjunct's annual earnings, you must know how many credits are taught per term and how many terms are taught per year. This makes an adjunct's annual earnings fairly self-determined since class load and terms taught are such significant factors. It calculate an adjunct's earnings, multiplying the rate per credit by the credits taught. The product is the total earned for that term. Perform that equation for each term taught to total the annual earnings. For example, if Maria, an adjunct with four years of experience and a master's degree at Union County College, taught three classes at three credits each for two terms during the 2010-2011 school year, she would have earned $10,458. If she picked up two more three-credit class for the summer term, that would have increased her earnings to $13,944.

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