Business Law & Nurse Practitioner Topics

Business law and nurse practitioners are two vastly different industries with components that include people, law and technology. Lecture topics on both of these industries and professions can include human resource components such as client management, law and technology. The aforementioned topics relate to both of these industries and are valuable for students of either profession to learn.

  1. Client Management

    • Client management relates to both business law and being a nurse practitioner due to both industries involving working with clients. In business law, client management can relate to how to work with bosses and workers and providing them with the best service possible while representing their cases. The concept of client management with nurse practitioners can include how to do patient intakes in a professional and welcoming manner as well as strategies on how to handle difficult patients.

    Laws in Business Law and Health Industries

    • The laws involved in business law and the health industries both involve laws on procedures, client management, billable hours and working with insurance companies. Having students be up to date and clear on these laws will allow them to do their jobs in a more knowledgeable and expedient manner.

    Business Law Specifics

    • Business law specific topics include types of business structures such as proprietorship and limited liability companies. Business law students will need to know small business law and laws relating to environmental issues and structures especially when dealing with construction companies that build on specific types of land (i.e., beaches, nature sites).

    Nurse Practitioner Specifics

    • Nurse practitioner specific topics include being allowed to sign patient charts, dispensing medication, what things constitute illegal practice and updating standardized procedures. These topics are relevant to their course of study in this field. Other topics can include third-party billing involving Medicaid and Medicare, dealing with insurance companies and what constitutes a nurse practitioner having prescriptive authority.

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