Strat-O-Matic Playing Tips

Strat-O-Matic is the unofficial "king of all sports board games," as you can play the game alone or against an opponent. The rules are very easy to learn because the majority of the action is decided by a roll of the dice. Your throw of the dye will begin play (swing or pitch); the number of the roll will be matched against statistically-designed player cards to help determine the outcome of each at bat. The cards hold the strength and weaknesses of each player on both teams. One roll usually determines an at bat, but sometimes a second roll is needed for a defensive outcome or turning of a double play. A full nine-inning game can be played in just under 30 minutes.

  1. Drafting

    • Select players whose strengths best fit the confines of your home stadium. Some owners choose players that are a better fit for a platoon system rather than drafting superstars who will take up half their budget. Having a more versatile lineup will allow you more flexibility over a course of a season. Don't draft players who have a propensity to strikeout, as batters that can put the ball in play are less inclined to have long batting slumps.


    • Be more aggressive in your running style against the top starting pitchers in baseball. They allow few baserunners during a course of a game, so take the extra base when the situation arises. Scoring opportunities are rare against such pitchers, so it's best to take advantage when you have baserunners.


    • Your pitching staff should consist of a starting rotation that can go deep into games. Your setup men should have a good repertoire of pitches and a high ratio of getting out of jams. And it doesn't hurt to have a closer that can consistently shut down opponents.


    • Defense up the middle is the key to success. Don't sway from this philosophy during your league draft, even if sacrifice offense. Over the course of a season, your defense will win more games than your big hitters.

    Unknown Rules

    • You must fully understand the home field advantage max rule, as the road team will have a distinct disadvantage in the computer version of Strat-O-Matic. Your best alternative is to score often during each at bat.

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