Camel Crafts


Whether you're teaching about camels, or you admire the Egyptian culture, consider creating camel crafts. These crafts serve as an ideal extension activity, as they can promote a greater understanding of the animals and the Egyptian culture. Use basic craft materials, or transform items that you already have in your home to create these crafts and discuss the animals while doing so.

Egg Carton Camel

  • Recycle your empty egg cartons and use them to create a camel craft. Cut out a section of the egg carton that contains two cups and also cut out a single cup; paint the cups brown. Cut four rectangular strips from the top or bottom of the egg carton and paint them brown as well. Glue the rectangular pieces to the inside of the egg carton cups, two on either side of both cups; the rectangles will serve as the legs of the camel and the cups will serve as the humps. Glue the single cup to the front of the camel's body for the head and glue two googly eyes to either side of the cup.

Handprint Camel

  • A handprint can be used to create a camel craft. Trace your hand on a piece of paper with the fingers pressed together and the thumb extended out -- the fingers will serve as a hump, the palm will serve as the body and the thumb will serve as the neck of a camel. Use a marker or crayons to draw legs and a tail on the camel, as well as a face. Add embellishments to the background of the picture, such as palm trees or sand dunes.

Toliet Paper Roll Camel

  • Toilet paper rolls are another type of material you can use to create a camel craft. One empty roll will serve as the body of a camel and two rolls cut in half will serve as the legs. Glue the legs to either side of the body of the camel. For the neck, cut a small portion off of another toilet paper roll, glue it to the front of the body and glue the remaining portion of the roll to the top of the neck, creating a head. For a hump, wad up a piece of brown construction paper and glue it to the back of the body to ensure that it stays in place. Color the camel with brown paint, glue a piece of yarn to the back of the body as a tail and place two googly eyes on the head.

Clothespin Camel

  • Clothespins serve as the legs of a camel in this craft project. Print out a blackline picture of a camel on white card stock, cut it out, and color it with crayons, markers or paint. Paint two clothespins brown; once they are dry, attach one to the front and one to the back of the image of the camel; the camel will be able to stand up on the clothespins.

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