Good Sources of Aluminum Scrap

Automobiles are  one of the main sources of scrap metal.
Automobiles are one of the main sources of scrap metal. (Image: Stockbyte/Stockbyte/Getty Images)

The prices paid for aluminum scrap vary by recycler. It would be advantageous to check with local dealers and ask how much they are paying. Take the aluminum scrap to the recycler on the same day you talk to them as the prices could change overnight. The best sources of aluminum scrap may be in your own garage and storage areas or storage areas of family members.

Furniture and Appliances

Older lawn furniture and beach chairs have aluminum frames. A lot of older camping equipment, such as cots and stools used aluminum. Most canteens and mess kits are aluminum. Many of the older yard and lawn chairs had webbing in the frames. The frames lasted longer than the webbing. Most home garages have one or two chairs that some family member intended to re-web. Refrigerators, especially the older ones have aluminum shelves, trim and door handles. Kitchen stoves have aluminum shelves or oven heating elements. Old hot water tanks should be checked for aluminum also.

Screens, Awnings and Siding

Old window screens usually have aluminum frames. Many of the old windows have been replaced by new, double-glass windows but the screens may be aluminum. Most older siding was made of aluminum whereas newer siding may be vinyl. Aluminum frame storm doors are a good source of aluminum scrap. Awnings over patios, porches and some windows may be made from aluminum. Ladders especially were made of aluminum and when the rungs broke they couldn’t be repaired. They can be broken down for scrap.

Kitchen Items

Many kitchen items were made from aluminum. Stove-top coffee pots and tea pots were aluminum in the 1940s. Electric coffee pots in the 1960s were usually aluminum. Ice cube trays, toasters and counter top toaster ovens are usually made from aluminum or have aluminum parts. Aluminum cookware was popular in the 1960s before nonstick coatings were popular. Pots, saucepans, frying pans and baking pans were made from aluminum. Aluminum cans and aluminum trays and pie pans from frozen foods are the most-often collected aluminum scrap.

Automobile and Other Parts

Many bumpers, radiators and trim strips from older model vehicles are made from aluminum. Some exhaust pipes and other muffler parts are also aluminum. Old aluminum row boats that can’t be repaired are turned into scrap aluminum. Car carrier racks, trim and other parts from old camper trailers and recreational vehicles have miscellaneous aluminum parts. Most old television antennas are made from aluminum.

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