Game Tester Interview Questions

To become a video game tester, you need to prepare for the interview.
To become a video game tester, you need to prepare for the interview. (Image: Thinkstock Images/Comstock/Getty Images)

Testing video games for a living can seem like a dream job to those who spend hours in front of their favorite game systems. But the process of becoming a video game tester is treated like any other job interview, and candidates need to spend time preparing to make a good impression at the interview. Understanding the questions you will get at a game tester interview can help you prepare.

What Game Playing Platforms are You Familiar With?

The fact that you can score well on a particular video game played on one particular system does not qualify you to be a video game tester. Video game development companies often create games for several of the most popular video game systems, as well as the current PC and Mac platforms. To be effective as a game tester, you need to be proficient in all of those platforms.

What Kinds of Video Games Do You Play?

This question is one that you need to be prepared for by researching the game genres the company focuses on. If you are interviewing with a sports game developer, then your extensive experience in role-playing war games is not going to be effective. Prepare a list of genres that you are experienced in that apply to the company you are interviewing with.

Are You Familiar with Game Testing Terminology?

Video game testers are asked to evaluate several aspects of a game, including gameplay, graphics and programming defects. Terms such as controller lag, frame popping and frame rates are essential to understand in the video game testing industry. Do extensive research on these terms, understand their meaning and learn how to apply them when evaluating a video game.

Have You Played Our Latest Game and What Did You Think of It?

The interviewer is looking for a very specific answer to this question that will indicate you have the basic knowledge to be a video game tester. Apply your knowledge of testing terms and develop a practical evaluation, as opposed to an overall opinion of the game. The interviewer will want to see your ability to break down a video game and analyze its parts when answering this question.

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