How Much Does Pool Construction Cost?

An in-ground swimming pool costs more than a pool above ground.
An in-ground swimming pool costs more than a pool above ground. (Image: Jupiterimages/ Images)

When summer approaches, you might want to build a swimming pool on your own property to save the effort going to a public pool. Construction costs aren’t going to be cheap, no matter your budget. But some are less expensive than others, depending on the type of pool you want. An in-ground pool will be expensive, though the final cost depends on the materials, amenities and maintenance needs.

Cost of Above-Ground Pools

This type of pool is the cheapest option if you decide to build a pool on your property. Many of them come as set-up kits and can go for as low as $200 to $1,000 in various home supply stores, as of 2011. However, says if you want a deck with your above-ground pool, it may cost $8,000. The main drawback to swimming pool kits is that they’re more apt to deteriorate because they're made of cheaper materials.

Vinyl-Lined In-Ground Pools

As an option that borders between an above-ground and the more expensive in-ground pool, consider a vinyl-lined pool. These can be constructed for as low as $18,000 if you don’t build a deck with it and up to $30,000 with a deck, in 2011 prices. A vinyl-lined pool offers the feel of an above-ground pool, even though it’s really in the ground. Nevertheless, vinyl lining can be an affordable option, with the added bonus that vinyl linings should hold up well for five to seven years.

Fiberglass In-Ground Pools

These pools are more expensive, yet are factory built, easier to install and don’t require as much maintenance as other in-ground pools. Price ranges will depend on how big you want the pool to be. They can range from $18,000 to $40,000 as of 2011, which includes the cost of excavation. However, it only takes a couple of days to install fiberglass pools.

Concrete In-Ground Pools

Here you have the most expensive option for a pool on your property. Concrete pools can go all the way up to the $50,000 range due to the added time of construction, and the cost of concrete being higher. If you have the money, though, these pools will give you a higher-quality experience with materials that hold up well for decades. For those who want to go beyond the $50,000 range, you can hire a pool contractor to build an in-ground pool with more luxurious quartz or white plaster.

Other Materials

When you build a pool, also consider how much additional money you’ll need to spend on pool amenities. Some of these amenities include extension poles, pool wall cleaners and pool covers for the winter. These alone will cost around the $600 range. Chemicals used in pools, such as chlorine and pH kits, cost about $500 and must be replaced each year. Additionally, automatic pool cleaners can cost around $1,000 despite being essential for upkeep.

Quality Construction recommends paying as much for a pool as you can, to insure quality. Pools with higher quality materials can save you money since a pool with cheaper materials will deteriorate over time and ultimately cost you more in repairs. Contact a local pool contractor to get an estimate.

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