Uses of Brangus Cattle

Like Angus cattle, Brangus come in solid colors of red and black.
Like Angus cattle, Brangus come in solid colors of red and black. (Image: Jupiterimages/liquidlibrary/Getty Images)

Brangus cattle are a result of a U.S. Department of Agriculture experimental breeding between a Brahman and Angus in 1912. The purpose of cross was to produce a hardy heat and parasite resistant offspring that could tolerate harsh climates. This particular cross has resulted in a breed of cattle that has several advantages that help make it a popular choice among cattle owners.

Meat Production

The primary "use" of the Brangus cattle is meat production. The carcass of the Brangus exhibits the superior meat qualities of marbling and tenderness that are commonly associated with pure Angus meat. The Brangus cattle's natural grazing abilities enable this breed to forage and graze while moving, which is a highly desirable trait in drier climates where grass grows slower. Also the even temperament and naturally absent horns make handling easier for cowhands and result in less damage to the meat.

Calving and Milking Production

Brangus cows are well known for consistently producing calves that have a low birth weight, averaging 75 lbs., but gain an average of 1.16 lbs. per day after birth, according to the Australian Brangus Cattle Association. As characteristic of the breed, mature males average 2,000 lbs. and females average 1,100 lbs. at maturity. Brangus mothers are extremely fertile, producing calves at a rate that is unequaled by any other cattle breed, and they exhibit strong maternal instincts. Brangus cows are also raised for their milking abilities.

Breed Competitions

Another use for this breed of cattle is breed competitions. This particular use is important to the survival of the breed as well as maintaining the standards set by Brangus breed associations such as the International Red Brangus Breed Association. Competitions take into consideration the conformation, coat color, temperament and health that judges compare to the desirable (as well as undesirable) traits to the breed standards set by official Brangus breed associations.


It is highly unlikely that the Brangus is used in rodeo events such as bull riding and roping. Not only is the breed considered quiet, it has an even temperament that makes it notably easy to handle in workplace environments. In general, this breed of cattle is used for its high market weight and high fertility rate despite being raised in extremely dry and hot environments such as Tasmania.

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