Tips on Burping an Infant

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Babies need to burp to remove trapped stomach gas.

While babies feed either at the breast or bottle, a certain amount of air is ingested into the stomach, making the baby uncomfortable. Burping the baby removes the air, especially making it much easier for him to sleep. Various baby positions are successfully proven to remove air, although each baby is individual and some positions will be more effective than others.

  1. Against Chest

    • Position the baby upright, snuggling the baby against your chest with her head resting against one of your shoulders. Take your free hand and rub the baby's back in an up and down motion or in a circular motion (whichever proves to be more effective).

    Over Shoulder

    • Position the baby over one shoulder so that his stomach rests against the bridge of your shoulder. Slight pressure on the stomach from your shoulder will help to force out the air. Pat or rub the baby's back to help him expel the air.

    Sit on Knee

    • Rest the baby in a sitting position on one of your knees. Position your thumb and index finger into a U shape, placing it under the baby's jaw line -- not too close to the throat so you do not block the air supply. Bend the baby forward from the waist, and rub or pat the baby gently on her back with your free hand.

    Over Knee

    • Sit down, putting your legs together. Rest the baby across your legs. Slightly raise your leg under the baby's upper body, and support the baby's head with one hand by placing it under his forehead. Rub and pat the baby's back with your free hand.

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