Homemade Gift Ideas for Siblings

You don't need to be a crafting wizard to make a simple gift at home. Homemade gift ideas for siblings cut down on time spent shopping at the mall. These items may be inexpensive presents, but they carry very personal sentiments and cannot be easily duplicated by anyone else. Use the precious resource of your time to make pleasing presents for brothers and sisters.

  1. Green Gifts

    • Homemade green gifts for siblings offer you control over the materials used. You can choose organic and recycled materials to reflect a sibling's or your own lifestyle and values. Use reclaimed knitting yarn from old sweaters or thrift store finds to knit or crochet a new scarf, sweater or cushion cover. Turn worn jeans into items like bags, book covers or oven mitts. Don't forget to wrap your present in recycled paper or re-purposed gift wrappings for a fully authentic green gift for a sibling.

    Sweet Treats

    • Homemade sweet treats like fudge, quick breads and cookies are well received and versatile gifts for siblings. Almost everyone has a favorite sweet or baked goods recipe. Pick your brother or sister's current favorite or surprise them with one you shared as children. Quick breads are fast and inexpensive presents for those with little time to spare for baking. A batch of premium chocolate chip cookies take slightly longer. Replace butter with margarine and gourmet chocolate chips or chunks with generic brands for an inexpensive cookie recipe. Wrap baked goods in colored tissue, decorate with ribbons and place in baskets or jars.

    Cuddle Blanket

    • A cozy fleece blanket to remind your bother or sister of shared cuddles is a loving present. It's also one of the simplest homemade gift ideas for siblings. Use colored fleecy fabric from local sewing stores available in 50 or 60 inch widths. Match your fabric choice to their existing bedroom themes or decor. Make the blanket by squaring off the fabric, then cutting off an inch square at each corner. Cut 1- or 1/2-inch fringes from the remaining boarder areas. Pull fringes through a tiny hole at the top of fringes made with a seam ripper. Use a rotary cutter, cutting board and stiff ruler for best results.

    Shared Secrets

    • Fill a homemade cookbook with secret family recipes, your most successful dishes or a sibling's favorite foods for a tasty and thoughtful gift. There's many variations on this theme, with something to delight everyone. Choose from a random mixture or pick a theme, like Christmas, Easter, barbecue, salads or sweets. Use your insider knowledge of a brother or sister's tastes and skill levels to tailor your book. Decorate brightly, add a few special words as an introduction and you have a future family heirloom they will treasure for years.

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