Mario Bros Crafts

"Mario Brothers" is a popular line of video games filed with obstacle courses, coins, piranha plants and crazy mushrooms. If your child is a huge Mario Brothers fan, you can create some crafts for him to do at home or with his friends at his Mario Brothers-themed birthday party. Incorporate elements from the games into a variety of crafts and let your child's imagination run wild.

  1. Easy Crafts

    • Print several Mario Brothers coloring pages for the children to color. They can use markers, crayons, paint and glitter pens to decorate the pictures. Give the children several sheets of construction paper, glue, tape and markers to create their own Mario Brothers crafts. Some ideas include coins, question blocks, mushrooms and piranha plants. Tell the children to show off their artistic skills and creativity through these easy crafts.

    Mushroom Crafts

    • Make a Mario or Luigi mushroom craft using colored sticky notes. Print a picture of the mushrooms to use as a guide. Place the sticky notes side-by-side in a pattern to create a large mushroom. For a small mushroom, use small craft foam squares. You need red, black and white for the Mario mushroom and green, black and white for Luigi. For an edible mushroom craft, give each child an undecorated (cooked) cupcake. Use yellow or white cake for best results. Children can use green frosting or red frosting to cover the top of the cupcake and a white icing pen to draw the spots on the mushroom.

    Yoshi Egg Crafts

    • Give the children hard-boiled eggs to decorate like yoshi egg, which are white eggs with green dots. Children can use markers or paint to create the dots on the eggs. For a variation, have the children use paint to draw their favorite Mario Brothers character on the egg. Make a paper mache yoshi egg by mixing one part flour and two parts water in a bowl. Cut several strips of newspaper and blow up a balloon. Dip the strips of newspaper in the flour mixture and layer them on the balloon. Apply three to four layers, allowing the layers to dry before each additional application. Paint the egg with white and green paint to finish.

    Piranha Plant Crafts

    • Children can paint wood craft sticks with green paint to create the stems of piranha plants. After the sticks dry, they can glue small triangles of green craft foam to the stick to resemble the sharp leaves of the plants. Cut red circles from craft foam to resemble the tops of the piranha plants. Cut small white triangles to create the teeth of the plants and glue them into place on the plants. They can make the plants with the mouth closed, open or halfway shut by using scissors to cut the correct shape out of the top of a plant. Use a white paint pen to draw dots on the plants.

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