Activities for Preschoolers on Jacob's Dream in the Bible


The Bible story of Jacob's dream is told in Genesis 28:10-22. In the account, Jacob sleeps by the roadside during his journey and has a dream of angels ascending and descending on a ladder to heaven. In the dream, God renews his covenant with Jacob, promising that he will protect Jacob and give Jacob and his descendants the land of Israel.

Paper Cutouts

  • Print or draw simple pictures of angels, Jacob and God. Help children cut them out and let them color each cutout with crayons. Let them draw a ladder on a piece of paper, then help them paste the angels on the ladder or on either side of it, as if going up and down. Help children paste Jacob at the bottom of the ladder and God at the top. As they work, discuss what the story teaches about God's willingness to help us.

Angel and Ladder

  • Give each child two craft sticks and a few toothpicks. Help him glue the toothpicks to the craft sticks like rungs on a ladder. Give him a printed picture of an angel and let him color it in or decorate it with yarn for hair, scraps of cloth for a robe, sparkles for a halo and gold ribbon for a belt or sash. When the ladder and angel are done, children can play with them by making the angel go up and down the ladder.

Jacob's Ladder Paper Chain

  • Give each child two long strips of colorful construction paper, each about 1 inch wide. Help children glue the ends of their strips together at a right angle, one over the other. Tell children to fold the first strip over the second one as far as it will go. Then have them fold the second strip down over the first, and keep alternating until they reach the ends of their paper strips. Glue the ends together. The result should be a colorful, slightly stretchy paper toy that represents the ladder or stairway in Jacob's dream.

Night Scene Drawing

  • Let preschoolers color a sheet of paper in broad stripes of different colors. Cover the colors with a layer of black crayon. Make sure that each child ends up with an even layer of black covering her whole page. Give each child a ballpoint pen cap of the variety that has a long, thin piece sticking out. Let children use the pen caps to scratch through the layer of black crayon and draw a night-time scene of Jacob's dream.

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