Difference Between American & German Boxers

Boxer dogs have a friendly and patient temperament with children.
Boxer dogs have a friendly and patient temperament with children. (Image: Jupiterimages/Photos.com/Getty Images)

Boxer dogs were introduced to the US after returning soldiers brought some home from Europe after World War II. The medium-sized dogs are now the sixth-most popular breed in America. Although some people maintain that the Boxer breed is essentially the same around the world, there are some subtle differences between the German Boxer and the American Boxer.


The main difference between an American and German Boxer dog is the size. Although they are both categorized as “medium build,” there are subtle differences in size and shape. In terms of length, generally, American adult males measure between 23 to 26 inches and weigh between 30 to 32kg. Whereas German Boxer adult males are more compact and measure between 21 to 24 inches and are heavier at 31 to 33kg.


The American Boxer is known to be more refined and sleek than its German counterpart. The German breed is stockier and is of a more sturdy, compact square build. Both breeds are smooth coated with well-developed muscles that appear smooth under taut skin. American Boxers have a chiseled head with a narrow, blunt muzzle. Whereas the German Boxer's head is broad and in proportion to the rest of its stocky compact figure.


Boxers were originally developed in Germany to serve as guard dogs. However, both the American and German breeds are very energetic and playful in a domestic setting. They are naturally suspicious of strangers, which aids the function of security, but their general temperament is friendly and both breeds are commonly chosen for a companion dog function. Boxers are known to be very loyal. They are also stoical and patient with children.


The tradition color of a German Boxer is fawn or brindle, although notes of mahogany tones are the most attractive shades. American Boxers are often a darker shade of fawn, however they can vary from light tan to mahogany. The brindle variety of German Boxers tend to have a black mask, with dark or black stripes running parallel to the ribs. American Boxers also have similar markings in black or dark brown. White markings may also be present in the coat of American and German Boxers.

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