Simple Yarn Basket Weaving Projects


Yarn is a versatile medium to create crafts. Besides the obvious scarves, sweaters and socks, yarn can be used to weave baskets. There is no need for advanced weaving skills to create baskets. The technique is simple enough for even children to learn. Use items from around the house or templates for baskets from craft stores to create baskets for a variety of occasions.

Office Supply Basket

  • Transform a Styrofoam cup into a basket for holding pens, scissors and miscellaneous office supplies. Cut vertical strips from top to bottom on the cup. Try to keep the strips even. Tie the yarn to the bottom of one of the strips. Weave the yarn in between the strips. Pull tightly as you weave. Then push down on each row of yarn. To add another color of yarn, weave the other color back to where you started and tie a knot. Tie the new yarn right above the knot and start weaving. A paper cup can be substituted for a Styrofoam one.

Catchall Basket

  • Yarn baskets are easier to make by using premade basket templates. They can be foam or wire and are found at many craft stores. They have a solid center and several spokes protruding from them. To use a basket template to create a basket, tie one end of string at the base of one of the spokes. Weave the yarn in and out of the spokes. Make as many rows of the yarn as you want. Push the yarn tightly as you weave and push down each row. Continue this pattern until you reach the top. Tie a knot when you reach the top.

Desk Organzier

  • Save old fruit baskets to turn into organizers for your desk. Use them to hold stray rubber bands or push pins. Start with a plastic basket. Tie the yarn to one bottom corner of the basket. Weave across one side of the basket from the bottom to the top. Weave the yarn along one side of the basket. When you get to the end of a row, wrap around one more time and then send it through the hole on the next row. Weave across again and repeat. Tie a knot at the end and cut the yarn. Repeat on the other sides in different colors or make them all the same. Pull on the yarn so it is tight.

Easter Basket

  • Let kids make a basket perfect for holding all of their eggs and candy. Start with a paper bowl. Cut slits from the top down the sides to create five or six sections to weave the yarn around. Stop 1/4 inch from the bottom. Cut a piece of yarn 2 or 3 feet long. Tie off the end of the yarn to the bottom of one of the sections. Weave the yarn around the sections. Secure the yarn to the paper bowl by tying a knot where it ends. Start another section of yarn. Continue until the bowl is completely covered. Now cut an 18- to 24-inch piece of yarn. Tie each end of the yarn to a side of the basket to make a handle. Fill with plastic grass and send the children on an egg hunt.

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