Puppy Facts for Blue Nose Pitbulls

Blue nose pit bull puppies are registered as American Pit Bull Terriers in the United States.
Blue nose pit bull puppies are registered as American Pit Bull Terriers in the United States. (Image: George Doyle/Stockbyte/Getty Images)

Blue nose pit bulls are not a different breed of pit bull, but often look like they are thanks to a color mutation that gives their coat a blue/grey hue. Healthy blue nose pit bull puppies should display the same conformation and breed standards as regular pit bulls, including a playful, intelligent and clownish demeanor. These puppies also have high levels of energy and strong chewing tendencies that call for daily exercise and lots of appropriate toys.

Color Not Breed

Blue nose pit bull puppies are not a "rare" breed that should cost more than other pit bull puppies, nor are blue nose pit bulls worth more than dogs with other coat colors of the same breed. Because pit bulls are a working breed, they are primarily bred for conformation and temperament. As a result, pit bulls are considered acceptable to breeder associations such as the American Kennel Club, regardless of their coloring.

Blue Nose Basics

True to the pit bull's temperament, blue nose puppies typically form a strong, loyal bond with their owner, and should not show any signs of aggression toward their master. The history of the pit bull as fighting dog resulted in selective breeding for canines that could work under aggressive situations while maintaining a non-aggressive demeanor with their handler. Ways to increase this bond are by attending puppy training classes and engaging in competition sports such as conformation or agility.

Socializing Facts

Blue nose pit bull puppies require training and socialization starting as early as possible. Although the pit bull breed is bred to be gentle with humans, it was also bred to be aggressive towards other animals. It is not characteristic for the breed to show aggression towards its own species, though this can occur. As a result of this characteristic, blue nose pit bull puppies should be properly socialized with other animals to learn the boundaries of acceptable behavior.

Fact Verses Myth

There are several myths in the dog community surrounding blue nose pit bull puppies. The first myth is that a blue nose pit bull puppy cannot feel pain and has "locking" jaws. Blue nose pit puppies are just like any other canine when it comes to basic anatomy and physiology of the canine species. Another myth is that blue nose pit puppies cannot get along with other pets or domestic animals. This is untrue; however, because the dogs are typically bred for animal aggression, unsupervised interaction between different species is not usually recommended.

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