Dog Float Ideas

Build an oversized dog house on the float.
Build an oversized dog house on the float. (Image: Brand X Pictures/Brand X Pictures/Getty Images)

Dogs are man’s best friend, according to the age-old adage, so incorporate man’s favorite companion into a parade float. Once you decide on a dog float theme, find a float trailer and decorate it with paint, papier mache and props. Use well-trained dogs on the float, canine statutes or humans dressed up as dogs.


Show some love for man’s canine friends in holiday parades. For Christmas, create a Santa float with dogs pulling the sleigh instead of reindeer. Place bunny ear headbands on dogs for an Easter parade float that features the Easter Bunny. Dress dogs up as trick-or-treaters in scary costumes for a Halloween float. Or decorate the float to look like a graveyard and dress up the dogs as zombies. For a Fourth of July parade, create a summer grilling float with dogs dressed as barbecue foods --hot dogs, hamburgers, watermelons or condiment bottles.

Canine Health

Use a parade float to bring awareness to canine health. An animal hospital or veterinarian office could sponsor a float that looks like an exam room with a veterinarian examining a dog on a table. A canine dentist can design a float with a human dentist chair and have a dog sitting in the chair. If you work for a dog rescue foundation, create a float that looks like the derelict conditions some animals live in, such as a dog-fighting ring, a back alley or a trash-filled home. Place a dog in the middle of the float.

Canine Service

Service dogs work in a myriad of fields. They help track suspects, missing persons and drugs for the police, so feature a float with a K9 officer and its human partner. Dogs help rescue trapped people for the fire department. Design a float that looks like a fire station or burning building. On the float have real firefighters and their dogs. Canines aid soldiers in combat. Create a red, white and blue float and fill it veterans and military dogs. Dogs also comfort sick and dying people and help people with disabilities. Make a float that looks like a hospital room with a patient lying in bed and a dog by her side. Have people walk beside the float with their therapy dogs.

Dog Contest Floats

Hold a dog beauty contest and feature the winning dogs and their owners on the float. Or design a float that looks like a human hair salon and shows the animals getting ready for a beauty contest. Place dogs in chairs with groomers brushing their fur, pretending to blow dry their coat or tying bows or scarves around their necks. Canine competition organizations can create a float featuring winning dogs from past competitions or make a float that looks like a small competition arena and have the dogs perform tricks.

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