Social Development Through Play With Blocks

Playing is not only fun and entertaining for children; it's also important in terms of their social development. Parents, teachers and youth leaders are encouraged to enhance children's social skills through play and offering opportunities that boost play is essential everyday, according to, an online resource for parents. Introducing activities that involve blocks is one way to jump start your youngster's developmental skills.

  1. Sharing

    • When children play with blocks together, they are interacting and learning to play cooperatively. Sharing can be challenging for many children, especially toddlers and preschool-aged children, but playing with blocks can help your little one enhance his social skills. With your child, model conflict resolution and the concept of sharing by playing blocks with him. Model actions you want your child to carry out, suggests Parenting Exchange, an organization that provides resources for childcare leaders. For example, if your youngster grabs a block out of your hand and says "mine," then respond by saying that it hurt your feelings when the block was taken. Encourage him to ask for a block politely next time.


    • When two or more children play with blocks together, they are talking, making eye contact and possibly role playing or pretending. When children discuss how the blocks should be stacked or what they will build together with the blocks, the foundations of friendships are being established. Children, when playing together, share ideas and avoid being bossy or inflexible, according to Parenting Exchange. Although young children may be aggressive and want to dictate from time to time, playing with blocks helps them establish effective social skills.


    • When young children pretend, they are experimenting with the emotional and social aspects of life, according to the article "The Importance of Pretend Play," published in Scholastic magazine, a resource for parents and educators. Ensure children have access to everyday objects, such as building blocks, that will enable youngsters to use their creativity and imagination. Pretending to build a castle, house or mountain can be accomplished using blocks.

    Concentration and Attention Span

    • Having the ability to pay attention and focus on things, ranging from someone speaking to a cartoon to reading, take practice. Playing with blocks helps youngsters obtain good concentration skills, according to the article, "10 Reasons Play Makes Babies Smarter," published in 2011 by CNN Health. Playing, such as with building blocks, can make children become intensely involved in the activity and enhancing her focusing skills. It's important as parents to avoid getting angry at children who are so busy playing with blocks that they fail to listen to instructions, according to CNN. Instead, be patient, your child is developing a lifelong social skill.

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