Sorority Badge Etiquette


When a sorority initiates new members, they give them a badge to signify their membership in the organization. This badge usually includes the sorority's crest or insignia and has special meaning for every woman who receives it. Like other sorority traditions, the badge has its own set of rules that sorority members must follow. Check with your sorority chapter about chapter-specific rules to ensure you're following proper etiquette.

Property of Sorority

  • The most important thing to remember is that the sorority badge remains the property of the sorority even after you receive it. In essence, you are borrowing the badge from your sorority as a symbol of your membership. However, you can keep your badge for your lifetime. When you pass away, you can be buried with the badge, or your family members can return it to the national headquarters of your sorority.

Good Standing

  • You have to be in good standing with your sorority to wear your badge. If you are suspended from your sorority, even temporarily, for lack of participation or misbehavior, you cannot wear the badge. Even if your sorority lets you hold onto the badge while you work through your suspension, you should not wear it. Keep it in a safe place so that when you are reinstated, you can proudly wear the badge again.


  • Most sororities expect you to wear your badge when you are participating in any official sorority function. So, if you are volunteering at a charitable event, attending a sorority date function or participating in a chapter meeting, you should wear your badge. However, many sororities, such as Sigma Kappa at Central Michigan University, strictly forbid members from wearing their badge if they are drinking alcoholic beverages. Thus, use your judgment before you put on your sorority badge.


  • Sororities instruct their members to wear their badge close to their heart on the left side of their chest. If you pair your badge with other pins, your badge should be above them. The badge should be visible, so wear it on an outer layer of clothing. While not every situation allows for it, you should wear business attire whenever possible when wearing your badge. For example, you can wear your badge with a dress, skirt and blouse or blouse and trousers with appropriate footwear.

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