Cheats for Infinite Health in "GTA IV" for PS3


"Grand Theft Auto IV" is an open-world adventure game developed by Rockstar for the PlayStation 3. The video game puts player in control of Niko, an immigrant who is looking to start a new life in the fictional state of Liberty City. The video game includes several cheats, including a few that provide Niko with an infinite amount of health and ammunition.

How To Use

  • Once in control of Niko, press "Up" on the directional pad twice to reveal the cell phone and its numerical keypad. In addition to placing phone calls, the keypad is used to input cheats that Niko can use. After sucessfully unlocking the cheat, you can access it instantly on the phone. Press "Up" once to access the phone's menu. Open the "Cheats" menu and select the cheat code of choice.

Health Cheat

  • Using the cell phone's numerical keypad, type the following code into the cell phone: 362-555-0100. The code refills Niko's health and provides him with a set of armor. Whenever Niko is running low on health, input the cheat again to infinitely refill his health.

Health Cheat Two

  • Dial the number 482-555-0100 to provide Niko health, armor and additional ammunition for his weapons. When riding in a vehicle, it may accumulate damage over time because of crashes or receiving gunfire. If the vehicle receives too much damage, it will catch fire and possibly explode. When in a damaged vehicle, use one of the health codes to restore the vehicle to normal and provide health to Niko.

Additional Cheats

  • To unlock basic weapons (such as a baseball bat, grenades, M4 and MP5) dial 486-555-0100 into your cell phone. To unlock advanced weapons (such as an AK-47, Molotov Cocktails, and Uzi) dial 486-555-0150 into the phone. You can also unlock the locations of all of the secret and entertainment locations in the game. Access an in-game computer and type the web address "" to unlock all the secret locations.

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