Guppy Aquarium Habitat


Guppies are small, colorful freshwater fish that are commonly found in both beginner and advanced aquarium systems. Guppies are known as hardy, easy to care for fish. However, they remain sought after among serious fish keepers because of their striking coloring and long, flowing fins. Guppies thrive when their habitats are adjusted to suit their specific needs.

Aquarium Size

Guppies are small fish. Therefore, first-time guppy owners often assume it’s acceptable to house the guppies in a small aquarium. However, guppies are active fish, and need plenty of room to swim. Also, because they are schooling fish, and feel more comfortable and safe in a group, the aquarium in which you house the guppies will need to be large enough to house more than one fish. Guppies should be kept in schools of at least one male and two female fish. These guppies should be housed in an aquarium of at least 5 gallons. Each additional guppy you add will require more space.

Temperature and pH Level

Place a thermometer in the guppy aquarium and monitor the temperature of the water. Temperature changes or extreme temperatures can often cause health problems. The ideal water temperature for guppies is between 72 and 83 degrees Fahrenheit. A heater can be used to maintain the temperature and prevent sudden drops. The pH level of the water in the aquarium also needs to be monitored, using a water testing kit. Guppies prefer a pH level around 7.0. Different water additives are available at pet stores to help adjust this level.


Guppies are not usually shy, and therefore don’t require a lot of hiding places, as aquarium decorations or plants would provide. However, you can make the aquarium more appealing to the eye by adding any aquarium decorations or fake aquarium plants that you like. No substrate, such as gravel, is needed in a guppy aquarium either.


Install a box or power filter system in the aquarium. Guppies, like most fish, require clean, fresh water in their habitat in order to remain healthy. A filtration system also provides some aeration for the guppies. Choose a filter system that is compatible with the size of the aquarium in which you are housing the guppies. If the filtration system does not provide aeration, install an air stone, attached to an outside air pump, in order to provide aeration.

Aquarium Mates

Guppies are generally peaceful fish. They prefer to be kept in a group of other guppies. Because of their peaceful nature, it’s best to keep them only with other non-aggressive fish that are close in size to the guppies. Avoid fish that are known as fin nippers, as these fish can cause damage to the guppies’ flowing fins. Choose fish that have the same water requirements as the guppies.

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