Types of Necktie Knots

Neckties can be tied with variety of knots, from simple to elaborate.
Neckties can be tied with variety of knots, from simple to elaborate. (Image: Jupiterimages/Photos.com/Getty Images)

Formal and business wear sometimes require an accessory, and a necktie is one of the most popular. Neckties, however, can be frustrating to wear as tying them can be confusing. Being able to tie a necktie with confidence requires knowing a few of the most popular types of knots -- ensuring that you won't need to resosrt to a clip-on tie.

Basic Considerations

The shirt should be buttoned up all the way to the top and have the collar up. A finished tie should have the knot in the middle of the collar and the wide end right around the belt buckle. A properly tied knot should have a dimple just below the knot itself that is formed before tying the knot. The choice of knot depends on the kind of collar on the shirt, the width of the tie, the tie's fullness and smoothness, the height of the person who will wear the tie as well as current fashion trends.

Four-in-Hand or Simple Knot

The most basic and most important knot to learn is the four-in-hand or simple knot. This knot goes well with all men's ties and looks good on most collars. As it forms a narrow shape, has a slightly longer appearance and is slightly lopsided, it is most suitable for a narrow-collared dress shirt and can be worn in more casual situations.

Simple Windsor or Half-Windsor Knot

The simple Windsor of half-Windsor knot is another easy knot to tie and is considered to be a more formal knot than the four-in-hand knot. The simple Windsor does not use too much of the necktie's material, resulting in a triangular knot. This kind of tie results in a longer-looking necktie and is therefore suitable for tall people if an extra-long necktie is not available.

Double Windsor or Full Windsor Knot

The double Windsor or full Windsor knot is the most formal looking and most fashionable knot. It allows any person to wear a necktie with a more symmetrical shape. This knot requires a number of loops that give it a full-bodied, triangular look and is best for shirts with a wide spread collar.

Kent Knot

The Kent knot is a small knot that does not involve a lot of loops; it is a rather small knot. As it involves less material from the necktie, it makes the tie longer, making it a suitable kind of knot for tall men. This knot involves a twist at the wide end near the collar before using a single loop to tie. The Kent knot looks simple but it's not easy to do.

Price Albert Knot

Similar to the four-in-hand knot, the Prince Albert knot is a variation that gives a bigger or fuller-looking knot but with a long appearance. This is a knot that is ideal for tall men who want a bigger-looking knot combined with a longer-looking necktie.

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