What Is a Parrot's Habitat?

A parrot lounges on a branch.
A parrot lounges on a branch. (Image: Jupiterimages/Photos.com/Getty Images)

Maybe you think of beautiful rainbow colors when you envision a parrot, or you think of one perched on a pirate's shoulder, but there is no doubt the parrot is a bird that has captured the attention of people worldwide. Standing out among the tropical birds, the parrot has fascinated and entertained us for years, but where does the parrot come from?

Parrot Countries

Wild parrots have spread their wings all over the globe. From New York City to the Australian outback, this beautiful bird has been spotted in nearly 15 North American states as well as numerous countries in Africa, parts of India and Australia. But you'll find most wild parrots in South America. Having originated in tropical climates, parrots make their homes more readily in countries like Brazil, Bolivia, Uruguay and Paraguay. Here, the majority of the wild parrot population settles in the multicolored trees of the rain forest, while in other, less tropical regions, parrots find their homes in grasslands or even suburban settings.


A parrot's habitat is traditionally tropical or at least subtropical. Originating in South America, these birds like to bask in the sun and feast on tropical plants, berries, seeds and other sorts of buds. Parrots prefer areas with fruitful foliage and places where they can nest and feed safely. But the wild parrot has proved to be very adaptable, and as it migrated to other regions of the world, its habits and habitats began to change. Rather than hunt for food on their own, some parrots will invade a backyard bird feeder instead or shack up in a local birdhouse. Still, tropical climates have proven to be the original and favorite habitat for the wild parrot.

Nesting Problems and Dwindling Species

While parrots may adapt to urban settings, some species can't be protected from the indirect dangers our lifestyle impose on them. Unfortunately, hundreds of nests are destroyed and breeding is made difficult from habitat destruction and parrots using power lines and electrical poles rather nesting in natural environments. Additionally, the exploitation, abduction and reselling of parrots as pets have increased and lead to the endangerment of several species of parrot around the world.

Preservation Efforts

One of easiest ways to help preserve a parrot species is by keeping informed and spreading the word about preservation efforts in your local area. If you choose a parrot as a pet, make sure you are able to care for it and keep it in your home before adopting one. Also make sure you know where your parrot is coming from. If you think your home may not be a good place, put up a bird feeder with tropical bird feed to help urban parrots find a snack. An eco-tour allows you to see the birds in their natural habitats and often inspires you to preserve those habitats.

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