The Best Colors to Complement a Redhead

Fiery red hair is always an eye-catcher. Whether you have naturally crimson hair, or have achieved it through chemical methods, the right colors highlight its vibrancy. The best color to wear will depend on whether you are cool or warm toned. It also depends on the shade of red of your hair. Wearing the most flattering colors close to your face can make a positive difference in your appearance.

  1. Blue

    • All shades of blue can complement redheads. For those with light copper red or strawberry blonde hair, soft marine and aqua blues are perfect. For women with medium to auburn hair, cooler tones of blue, such as cobalt or royal blue, are flattering. Gray-blue and robin's egg blue work for all shades of red hair.


    • Brown is particularly favorable to all shades of red hair. That is the case for true red or copper-colored hair. Earth tones will bring out your eyes, no matter the color. As red hair often has touches of brown in it, the red tones will pop out against your skin. Light and dark brown are equally flattering.


    • Green may be the singularly best color to complement a redhead. All shades of green are universally becoming for all shades of red hair. The lighter the color of red, the lighter the green color that will be most flattering. For darker redheads, bold emerald green offsets the red in the hair. Soft sage green highlights light copper hair nicely.


    • Purple can be a becoming color for redheads to wear. Jewel tones such as purple are ideal with medium to dark auburn hair. The lighter shades of purple, and even lavender and lilac, are best for strawberry blondes. If you are a redhead with brown or hazel eyes, wearing purple near your face will make your eyes stand out.

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