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A minimalist space includes only items that have purpose.

Minimalism is a style of design that strips a room down to the bare basics. Extraneous items are omitted and a space is left with only the items that will be used on a regular basis. Rather than feeling cold, a minimalist room feels calm and tranquil. Like any other style, there are a number of approaches to minimalism, but there are a few basic trends that unite them.

  1. Color

    • Color unifies a minimalist room.
      Color unifies a minimalist room.

      Most minimalist rooms contain one primary color and one accent color. Some use a monochromatic approach. For example, the walls are a dove gray, the ceiling silver gray and the furniture pewter. A bold accent color like red, teal or snow white is introduced through the few accents in the room like scatter pillows, throws, lampshades and art.


    • Lack of texture is a good thing in a minimalist room.
      Lack of texture is a good thing in a minimalist room.

      While many styles of decor call for the introduction of different textures, minimalism requires as little texture as possible. Fabrics are generally sleek and smooth. They fit organically into the design of the room rather than calling attention to themselves.

    Window Treatments

    • Light plays a decorative role.
      Light plays a decorative role.

      Window treatments should be nonexistent. If you must have something over your windows due to privacy, opt for the simplest treatments you can find. Sheer accordion shades or opaque window clings will both serve the purpose. Light acts as a decorative element in a minimalist room, so allow it to pour through the windows to the greatest degree possible.


    • A lamp serves as functional art.
      A lamp serves as functional art.

      Anything that is introduced to a minimalist room should serve a purpose. A lamp can be used as a work of art, but only because it provides light. A vase should be in the room only if it holds flowers. Nothing should be purely decorative but rather, serve a function.

    No Clutter

    • A lack of clutter lends a tranquil air.
      A lack of clutter lends a tranquil air.

      A minimalist room is clutter-free. If permanent storage does not exist for an item, the item should not be brought into the space. The idea is to possess only what you use and only what you have room to store.

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