My Toilet Has No Suction


A toilet with no suction is likely a clogged toilet. The suction in a toilet comes from gravity, and water falling through the drain system. If the drain is clogged, the water does not fall, and your toilet water remains in the bowl. There are a few ways to get rid of your clog, and a few things to keep in mind to prevent future clogs.


  • The most vital weapon in every homeowner's arsenal -- a good plunger. Forget about the flimsy ones you find in department and big box stores. Go to a home improvement warehouse and get a thick black rubber toilet plunger. Toilet plungers are easily recognized by their additional small cup of rubber beneath the main plunger. Place the plunger in your toilet and give it three to five pumps and lift it up out of the water. Your water should begin to go down, and you will see some paper or waste in the toilet water. Flush, and if necessary, repeat.

Toilet Snake

  • For clogs that the plunger will not handle, you are going to need to use a toilet snake, or auger. A toilet snake is a long piece of coiled wire that can snake down the drain, around the angles and bends in the pipe, and dislodge the clog that is causing you trouble. If, after plunging and snaking your drain, your clog and suctionless toilet remain, you are going to have to call a plumber. It is possible the clog is located further down the line, and may be caused by an obstruction such as a tree root or broken sewer pipe.

Never Use Chemical Drain Unclogger

  • Chemical drain cleaning products should never to be used in the toilet. They can damage the porcelain of your toilet, leading to future problems. Additionally, a toilet that has had liquid drain unclogger poured into it cannot be plunged. If the material in the unclogging solution gets in your eyes, or on you clothes, you will be in for a real problem. Never use these types of chemical in a toilet bowl.

Avoid Flushing Food

  • Oftentimes, people believe flushing food or expired leftovers is a good way to dispose of food containing liquid. Your toilet is not meant to handle these sorts of materials, and can easily become clogged. Save yourself the hassle, and do not flush food or anything other than bathroom waste and toilet tissue down your toilet. This includes paper towels, which are made from substantially thicker paper than toilet tissue and can clog a toilet easily.

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