Drawing Ideas for Teens


Drawing is an entertaining activity for teenagers. It allows them to express their creativity and emotions, brings them together to draw or share drawing methods and is a way to escape temporarily from socially difficult times. There are a few exercises teens can use to draw and share their experiences. These include envisioning their future lifestyle, cooperative drawing, improvisational drawing and the depiction of events or people in social media.

Drawing the Future

  • The teenage years are a time of transition from childhood to adulthood, so having a teen draw her future life and lifestyle is an activity to provide a path and set of goals to accomplish. Of course, following this path is optional, but drawing the future allows teens to think constructively about their careers and desires.

Cooperative Drawing

  • Teens can share ideas and thoughts through cooperative drawing. This method allows teens to interact on a sheet of paper by taking turns or drawing in unison to create a unique image. The contrasting elements drawn create a fun challenge to make sense of and name. Cooperative drawing is similar to the famous Ouija board or telephone game, because you never know how the drawing will turn out, and it often provides surprising results.

Improvisational Drawing

  • Another interactive activity for teens is improvisational drawing. This drawing method requires one person to draw a cryptic element or shape and another to complete the drawing by adding lines and shapes to create a completed object. The more abstract or strange the initial drawn object is, the more challenging and interesting the final drawing will become. Each teen should take turns with the different parts of the activity to create greater variation and surprise.

Media Depiction

  • Most teens are involved with social media and many follow celebrities. A drawing activity geared toward these teens is to depict moments or events in their lives, friends' lives or the lives of celebrities, as one drawing or multiple, such as a comic book. These depictions can be drawn in a fun genre, such as magical realism, vampire fiction or superhero comics, to heighten the emotion of the trials and tribulations portrayed. For example, an infatuated boy can be depicted as a zombie following his love interest or a pop star can be drawn as a superhero helping her fans find good music.

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