What Happens if You Kill Grace in "BioShock 2"


Grace Holloway is a character you encounter in the Pauper’s Drop level in “BioShock 2.” She holds a key that is essential to progress to the next area, but is not willing to come and give it to you. Players must track her down to retrieve the key and then decide whether to kill her or not. Her death can drastically alter the outcome of the game.

The Decision

  • At the end of the Pauper’s Drop level the player finally meets Grace, a frail lady that has been taunting enemies to attack you throughout the level. She freely hands over your objective, an override key, and then leaves her fate to you. As “BioShock 2” is a game that focuses on the player’s morality, the obvious evil action here is to kill her. If you want to play as a good character, but still believe that Grace’s actions justify her death, you can still kill her, but you must consider later moral decisions with more care in order to remain "good."

Benefits Lost

  • If you kill Grace, the immediate effect is her inability to aid you over the next few areas. Just after you leave her safe room, there is a large group of splicers that comes to attack you. If Grace was alive, she would be able to send two security bots to your aid, making the fight a lot easier. As she is dead, you will face this battle alone. The other benefit players lose by killing Grace is a supply drop of alternative ammo for the Hack Tool, Machine Gun and Shotgun in the next level, Siren’s Alley. This aid is not essential to complete the game, but it does help you overcome some challenging encounters, especially on harder difficulties.

Ending Changes

  • The fate of Grace is one of the many factors that make an impact on the story of “BioShock 2.” If you choose to kill her, it is still possible to get four of the potential six endings, with good, bad and neutral moral alignment options still open. However, it does raise the probability of Sofia Lamb dying at the end of your game. If you kill Grace, you will have to rescue every little sister you encounter to ensure Sofia Lamb lives.

Other Ending Factors

  • There are two other antagonists similar to Grace Holloway that players encounter over the course of “BioShock 2.” Again, you will have the choice to either spare or kill them. If you murder Grace, you can only kill one of these two other antagonists to achieve the good outcome of the game where Sofia Lamb lives (assuming you rescued all little sisters you encountered). If you harvest at least one little sister and kill Grace, Sofia Lamb dies and you will only have one of the neutral or bad endings available, depending on whether you harvested all little sisters encountered or not.

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