Interesting Facts About Great Danes

Great Danes were once considered ferocious.
Great Danes were once considered ferocious. (Image: Jupiterimages/ Images)

The temperament of Great Danes has changed as they have evolved from hunting dogs to household pets. These "gentle giants" as they are now called, were previously known for their ferocious temperament and ruthless prowess. Great Danes could even chase down the elusive wild boar. Now they have been bred to be more gentle and can even be trusted with children. They are an interesting breed, possessing some characteristics not shared by other dogs.

Anxiety and Stress

Great Danes can sometimes become too anxious and make themselves sick. They can even die from an anxiety-related disorder known as " bloat." This happens when stress causes their stomachs to fill with air and cramp. This is not just a bad case of gas. It can actually kill Great Danes in less than an hour.

Women and Great Danes

Great Danes are more comfortable around women. Researchers content that it might be that speech and mannerisms of women influence the temperament of Great Danes. Soothing words and gentle movements and gestures will make Great Danes feel comfortable. Great Danes respond negatively to harsh breeding techniques because they are sensitive dogs.

Aggressive Throwbacks

When Great Danes are poorly trained or treated badly, they can exhibit aggressive hostility called a" throwback." This is a regression to its aggressive hunting instincts, which have been overcome with the help of people and breeders. For this reason, it is always important to approach a Great Dane peacefully and with good intentions.

Great With Children

Perhaps the most well-known trait of Great Danes is their temperament around children. They seem to enjoy playing with children more than any other activity. Some Great Danes have been trained as therapy dogs for both children and adults.

Need for People

It is known among breeders that Great Danes do poorly if left alone for too long. They are usually not allowed to live alone outside because they can become mentally unstable and aggressive. They need to be around people. They are social dogs that require a lot of love and attention. They flourish in family environments and feel as if they are a part of every dynamic.

Growth Rates

Great Danes grow rapidly. Sometimes during growth spurts, their increasing size is apparent almost overnight. At about 1 year old, Great Danes can stand on their hind legs and measure almost 6 feet. Because they are so big early in life, some owners forget their pets are still pups. and worry they will always act like puppies.

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