Jungle Gyms for Dogs

Create a jungle gym for your dog to play on.
Create a jungle gym for your dog to play on. (Image: Apple Tree House/Lifesize/Getty Images)

Dogs like to play just as people do. If you have a dog with an adventurous spirit that enjoys climbing on things and jumping over obstacles, consider constructing a jungle gym in your backyard. These types of jungle gyms are commonly used for dogs that do agility competitions. They are unlike children's equipment in that they usually consist of several unconnected obstacles. Be aware, however, that if the dog is not properly trained to play on the equipment, it could be injured.

Agility Course

Create an agility course for your dog to run through. Set PVC pipes upright in the ground at about 4-foot intervals. The dog is supposed to zigzag through the agility course, between the poles. This could be difficult for the dog at first, but if you guide it through at a walk on a leash, using treats, the dog should get the hang of it quickly and run through later. Encourage the animal to go as fast as it can and reward its efforts with a treat. Not only is this fun for most dogs, it is a good way to keep them in shape.


Some dog breeds, such as the Jack Russell terrier, are very skilled at jumping. Construct hurdles in your backyard for your dog to jump over. Make these hurdles out of PVC pipes or simply use wooden boxes. Be sure to start the hurdles very low and increase them slightly as the dog improves. Most dogs cannot jump higher than about 2 feet, so keep that in mind when you make your hurdles.


A simple ramp is another item commonly used on dog jungle gyms. Make a wooden structure using two wide boards that meet in the middle. The dog is supposed to run up the first side of the ramp and then back down the other side. This can be scary for a dog that has never done it before, so keep the dog on the leash and let it go slowly the first few times.


Use a children's teeter for this part of the jungle gym or purchase one that is specially made for dogs. The teeter is a wide board that is placed on a structure that allows it to teeter from side to side. The dog will run up the teeter, and then its weight will make it shift downward, and the dog will run down the other side.

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