Quartz Countertop Tips


Quartz countertops require little care or maintenance and are food safe since the countertop’s surface is nonporous and so will not allow the growth of bacteria in the counter. Quartz is heat, impact and scratch resistant, but the material is not indestructible and does require some care to keep it looking good and free of damage.


  • Cleaners that are abrasive in any way or that contain bleach will damage quartz countertops. Cleaners that that use citric juice as an ingredient should be avoided as well. Scrubbing the countertops with abrasive objects, such as a pot scrubber, will also scratch or scour the quartz. A plastic putty knife or plastic dish scraper tool works well with quartz countertops when dealing with caked-on, dry buildup since the scraper will not damage the counter. Metal tools should not be used to clean the countertop since they will scratch the quartz’s finish.

Hot Dishes

  • Quartz countertops are heat resistant, but they are not heat proof and do require some heat protection. When you have removed a pot or pan fresh from the stovetop, or if you have just pulled a pan from the oven, set a trivet or hot pad down on the countertop before placing the hot item on the counter. Placing a hot pan or pot directly on the countertop may crack it, allowing moisture to enter the crack and bacteria to grow.


  • Most spills will not stain a quartz countertop, but you should clean them up immediately to avoid problems. Foods that are acidic will harm the countertop, such as orange juice, coffee or tomatoes. Other acidic spills will also harm the countertop’s finish, so avoid placing batteries, paint thinner containers and tarnish remover solutions on the countertop. Absolutely do not spray oven cleaners on your quartz countertop; use them on the inside of the oven only.

Other Abuse

  • Quartz countertops are tough, but they cannot take anything you dish out without damage. Even though quartz is scratch resistance, cutting food with a knife directly on the countertop will scratch the quartz. Always use a cutting board, which will keep your countertop cleaner, and avoid leaving acidic food on the countertop. On the same note, place pots, pans and other heavy objects slowly and carefully on your countertop since dropping or setting an object too hard on the countertop will crack or chip it.

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