Ninja Craft Ideas


The ninja warrior from ancient Japan has held the interest of both children and adults alike due to the mystery that seems to surround the ninjas as well as their deadly reflexes and abilities. Dressed in black with black hoods, ninjas were a spiritual people who lived according to the laws of nature. Create ninja crafts as part of lessons about these ancient warriors or for Halloween fun.

Paper Crafts

  • Ninja paper craft ideas include creating paper ninja stars, which can be constructed origami-style or by simply cutting or gluing pieces of paper together in the shape of ninja stars. Make stars as costume props or as part of an origami demonstration. Paper ninja masks can be created out of black construction paper with a horizontal slit made with scissors for the eyes. Other ideas for paper ninja crafts include making paper ninja puppets, either faces or whole bodies, and gluing them to craft sticks.

Weapon Crafts

  • Make ninja weapons in addition to paper throwing stars for costume use or other craft projects. Nunchucks can be constructed by using two 8-inch long, 1 1/2-inch wide sticks. Drill holes in the top of each stick so they may be attached with a chain. Long ninja stick weapons can be made by sanding sticks nearly as tall as you are and wrapping the middles with white cloth pieces or medical tape.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Crafts

  • Among the best known ninja characters are the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, an animated series from the 1990s that has since spawned live action films, merchandise and additional animated series. Create ninja turtle crafts with children such as using toilet paper rolls and templates from craft websites to construct turtle figurines. Also look for templates for ninja turtle calenders and bookmarks, or freehand your own versions of such crafts. For example, try drawing any of the turtles on card stock to color and cut into a bookmark.

Additional Craft Ideas

  • Construct ninja figurines out of polymer clay as well as ninja weapons. Make your own ninja costumes for Halloween and costume parties by reusing old plain black turtlenecks and sweatpants. Hand-stitch a red sash for such costumes or cut a red sash out of silk clothing or old drapes. Create ninja art projects by photographing friends dressed as ninjas in various settings ranging from the practical to the ridiculous, such as a ninja prowling through a dark forest or standing in line at a fast food restaurant. Ninja collages can be made by using your favorite ninja images from television and movies as well as various drawings and other images of ninjas.

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