Safe & Cheap Ways to Get Rid of Roaches

Chemical pesticides are not the only solution to getting rid of cockroaches.
Chemical pesticides are not the only solution to getting rid of cockroaches. (Image: Jupiterimages/Creatas/Getty Images)

While cockroaches are more common in some areas of the country, homes in urban areas all over the country can suffer with roach infestations. You don’t have to share your home with cockroaches and you don’t have to spend a great amount of money to evict them from your home. If you have a significant infestation of roaches in the house, an exterminator is likely the best course of action, but you can try some simple and inexpensive methods first. Use more than one method when facing an infestation of cockroaches in your house.


Keeping the house clean is the first step in eradicating cockroaches in the home. Removing food sources is a good way to discourage the bugs from invading your kitchen. Empty the trash every day, clean all dishes in the sink as soon as you use them and clean up spills and crumbs from the countertops, floors and between appliances. Cockroaches need a source of water as well. Repair any leaky pipes in your home and get rid of their water sources. Pick up your pet’s food and water bowls every night and store the food in a tightly covered bin. Picking up food and cleaning the house is necessary to eliminate cockroaches. Traps and other methods will only catch the roaches that are in your home. They will continue to come into your home and take up residence if there is a ready supply of food in the house.


If cockroaches are living in your small appliances such as a toaster, put the appliance in the freezer for several hours to kill the roaches hiding inside. Clean the toaster thoroughly after removing the dead roaches.


Traps are an inexpensive way to begin eliminating cockroaches. A jar with some petroleum jelly is a good way to trap cockroaches in your home. Use a jar with a sloped neck and smear the inside with petroleum jelly. Place a banana peel or other food source in the bottom of the jar to attract the roaches. Once the bug is in the jar, it will not be able to climb out. Put the jars in the freezer to kill the roaches. Glue traps are another method of trapping roaches in the home. Place the traps in areas where you see the most cockroach activity.

Bait Stations

Bait stations are inexpensive options for killing roaches in the house. The bait stations contain a poison food source inside the container. Do not use poison sprays or other extermination methods at the same time when using bait stations. Insect sprays can repel the roaches and prevent them from eating the poison bait. You can attach bait stations to the walls and out of reach of children and pets.

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