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Shower curtains have long been made from vinyl material.

Like any other decorative element, vinyl material makes an impression and is used in a number of different styles. Vinyl is found throughout our homes, in everything from toys to shelf paper. Vinyl materials are used in everyday items, such as chair covers, place mats, tablecloths, aprons and shower curtains. These materials are available in every color of the rainbow as well as in unique variations of colors. The shades of vinyl you choose to use will depend in large part upon the style you're aiming for.

  1. Warm Colors

    • Vinyl material colors such as red, orange and yellow are considered warm shades. These are the colors you might expect to see in a sunset. Warm shades introduce energy, vibrancy and excitement to a room. Red and orange, for example, are thought to stimulate appetite, helping to explain why so many restaurants incorporate red into their color scheme. Bright yellow is exciting enough that babies surrounded by the color tend to become fussy. Warm colors are also associated with fun and laughter and are used in abundance at carnivals and theme parks. Use a warm shade of vinyl material in a room that could use a little exuberance.

    Cool Colors

    • Cool colors are those you might expect to see around a refreshing mountain spring; blue, green and lilac are all considered cool. These shades are associated with calm, relaxation and serenity. Think of all the blue and green shades you normally see in a medical clinic or hospital. These colors were introduced in an effort to make the space feel less intimidating and more comforting. Use cool shades of vinyl material in rooms that could use a little peace and quiet.

    Fun, Funky Color Combinations

    • Vinyl lends itself to cool, hip decors. Play this up by combining complementary or split-complementary color combinations. Complementary colors are those found directly across from one another on the color wheel. They each scream for attention but manage to work together in concert. Lemon yellow and lavender are an example of complementary colors. If you'd prefer, you can opt for a split-complementary color scheme, which is no less dramatic than its complementary counterpart. For example, if you know you want to use lavender vinyl, you would look across the color wheel at the hues on either side of lemon yellow. In this case, those colors are salmon orange and mint green. Pairing lavender with either, or both, of these colors is considered split-complementary. This is the kind of color scheme you might use in a playroom, child's bedroom or funky bath decor.

    Traditional Touches

    • If you're using vinyl material in a slightly more conventional space, consider pairing colors that are analogous to one another. Analogous colors are found directly next to one another on the color wheel and work in harmony because they share a basic color. For example, orange and red are analogous colors that would work well in the same space. This is because orange is a product of red mixed with yellow, meaning that orange and red carry a common color. Analogous tones works well in public rooms, such as kitchens and family rooms.

    Timeless Classics

    • If you've decided to use vinyl material in a room but want to keep it serene looking, consider the timeless decorating trick of using a monochromatic color scheme. Do this by layering varying shades of the same color into a space. For instance, you may have a snow-white shower curtain in your bathroom, light-mocha walls, a creamy-beige ceiling, and a cream-colored bath mat and towels. The similarities of the colors creates a tranquil space.

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