How Much Does a Groundskeeper & Porter Get Paid an Hour?

Groundskeepers and porters keep travel operations running around the country.
Groundskeepers and porters keep travel operations running around the country. (Image: Brand X Pictures/Brand X Pictures/Getty Images)

Hotels, motels, train stations and airports around the country have an enormous amount of responsibility to their patrons and customers as well as the facilities in which they provide their services. Most of the outdoor environment is cared for by groundskeepers, who not only maintain the aesthetic look of lawns, plants and trees, but also help with signs and other markings. Inside these establishments are the porters who commonly assist with, organize and deliver baggage for travelers and vacationers. There are several career options for groundskeepers and porters, but salary can vary based on certain factors.

Groundskeepers Nationwide Salary Range

In May of 2010, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics completed a salary survey and reported that an estimated 825,350 groundskeepers make an hourly mean wage of $12.23. Most of them fall into the middle 50 percent of wages and make between $9.23 and $14.24 an hour. There are some exceptions, however, such as those in the bottom 10th percentile who bring home an average of less than $8.16 an hour. More experienced groundskeepers may make it into the top 10th percentile and earn more than $17.90 per hour.

Groundskeepers by Location and Employer

Some areas, perhaps due to cost of living and general economic conditions, pay lower average wages than others. In Florida, for example, the hourly mean wage for groundskeepers as of 2010 is $11.04. However, other states, such as Massachusetts and Alaska, pay between $15.24 and $15.78 hourly. Washington, D.C., is the highest-paying region of the country with an hourly mean wage of $16.79.

The working environment also has an influence on wages. Most groundskeepers work for building services companies for an average of $11.87, but those in RV parks and camps only make $10.44 on average. The highest paying employer in the country is the federal government, providing an hourly wage of $21.95 on average.

Porters Nationwide Salary Range

Porters, as of May 2010, earn an average of $11.40 an hour across the country, according to the bureau report. The lowest-paid porters earn wages in the bottom 10th percentile, under $7.70 an hour. The highest-paid porters in the top 10th percentile report hourly wages of over $18.61. However, most likely earn between $8.45 and $12.70 an hour, making up the middle 50 percent.

Porters by Location and Employer

Florida is, again, the lowest-paying state in the country, paying only $10.25 an hour on average for porters. Arizona is also below the national average at $10.31 an hour on average. Porters working in Washington, D.C., and Michigan earn the most on average, making $15.57 and $17.30 an hour, respectively. Most porters work in hotels and other traveler accommodation facilities and make $10.63 an hour on average. The government pays the highest at the state level at $19.53 an hour, but the highest-paying industry for porters is railroad transportation, where the average hourly wage is $20.15.

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