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People interested in biology and the dissection of worms can practice their skills online by playing the game "Earthworm Dissection" from the McGraw-Hill Higher Education Virtual Lab. Unfortunately, it is the only good dissection game for worms, but science enthusiasts also can try games to dissect frogs, fish and sheep hearts.

Earthworm Dissection

  • The "Earthworm Dissection" game provides biological information about worms, a lab manual and labels for each internal and external body parts. Click the lab manual to learn about the worm's anatomy and drag the labels to the matching texts on the illustration. Click on the "Internal Anatomy" button to see the worm's interior and place the corresponding labels. When you think all the labels are in the right spot, click on the "Check" button.

Frog Dissection Game

  • In the "Frog Dissection Game," you have all the tools you need to perform the dissection of a frog. Click on the screen to begin. Use each of the four tools available (pins, scalpel, scissors and magnify glass) to perform the dissection. The game guides you through the dissection by telling you where to use each tool. If you make a mistake, click on the "Start Over" button. You can play this game in fullscreen mode, copy the embed code and paste it onto your website or blog and add it to your favorites.

Salmon Dissection Game

  • In the "Salmon Dissection Game" by ThinkQuest, you must dissect a female salmon using a scalpel, a pair of tweezers, a spoon and an inflating tool. Click on a tool to pick it up, follow the directions for each step of the dissection and click on the "Info" button to learn more information about the internal organs. Every time you perform a step correctly, you will hear a sound to tell you to click on the "Next" button so you can receive more instructions. Click on the "Help" button if you get stuck.

Dissection Lab

  • The "Dissection Lab" from Zero Bio, a website dedicated to providing students with resources for their science courses, has dissection quizzes about frogs, sheep hearts and fetal pigs. Click on "Dissection Lab" on the Zero Bio Web page and click on the "Dissection Lab" link to open a new window. Scroll down and click on "Dissection Quizzes with Flash." Each quiz challenges you to figure out the name of each numbered structure on a picture of a frog. Click and hold on the number to receive the correct answer.

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