Essay Topics for Business Ethics

Relationships often create ethical dilemmas within an office.
Relationships often create ethical dilemmas within an office. (Image: Polka Dot RF/Polka Dot/Getty Images)

In many businesses, the only thing that matters is the bottom line, which is frequently financial success. This means doing whatever it takes to make a profit. For some employees this is disturbing as they are asked to do things that are against their personal codes of ethics. Researching ethics and business helps you discover how to complete those tasks ethically and profitably. Write a paper sharing the information with your colleagues and other businesses.

Managing Your Competitor

One ethical challenge managers sometimes have is managing someone who was turned down for the manager's position. That employee may have some resentment toward the manager, especially if the manager came from outside the company. Write a paper on strategies to deal with this, such as becoming a mentor to the employee who was turned down for the management position. This topic involves helping that employee improve his management skills and working toward helping him get promoted to another available position.

Managing A Relative

Managing a relative puts you in a situation as a manager where you must be objective enough to treat her like any other employee. Use an essay to discuss having a written career development plan for the employee and guiding her through the plan the same as you would with any other employee. During disciplinary or promotion meetings, recommend in the essay that an observer, whether another manager or someone from human resources, sit in on these meetings to verify the conversation in case the employee denies information was provided.

Managing Former Colleagues

Managing former colleagues is a change for a manager and puts his business ethics to the test. In your paper, discuss how the manager must avoid allowing previous friendships or antagonistic relationships to influence his management. The paper should not only address relationships within the office, but also those outside the office if he remains friends with former colleagues he is now supervising.

Conflict Of Interest

Conflicts of interest arise in the workplace for both employees and supervisors. This paper focuses on how to approach the company if an employee feels she is operating under a conflict of interest. An example of this is if the company the employee is working for is bidding for a contact to supply food for a conference she is hosting as an officer for a social club. Review how open and honest communication is necessary, and list possible remedies including having the employee remove herself from the decision-making process for the club due to her relationship with the company.

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