International Travel Nursing Agencies

Traveling the world moving from one assignment to the other, travel nurses often depend on the help of an agency to find them jobs and sponsor their visas into other countries. Travel nurse agencies specialize in the recruitment and job placement of travel nurses and unless the nurses receive direct employment and sponsorship from an overseas hospital on their own, the services of a travel nurse agency are indispensable.

  1. Recruitment Services

    • In contact with hospitals, medical centers and other health care institutions around the world, the prime function of travel nurse agencies is the recruitment of nurses into open jobs. Travel nurse agencies often have extensive job opening listings, and a qualified travel nurse often has several jobs in different locations to pick from. Most agencies specialize in either short-term assignments, which are usually 13 weeks, or long term travel nursing jobs, which last for months to years. Travel nurse agencies require you to register with them, which often requires a fee, and placement occurs within several weeks to a couple of months.

    Visa Services

    • In order to obtain a visa to work in many countries around the world, it is necessary to show that you already have employment lined up. Although some medical facilities actively recruit globally and can sponsor travel nurses for visas after the job has been offered, most travel nurses are sponsored by the agency that places them. The agency provides the country in question with proof that the travel nurse has guaranteed employment through them in order for the nurse to gain the visa. Nurses are actually employed by the agencies themselves and so all salary details are handled before placement.

    Relocation Services

    • Travel nurse agencies often provide country specific moving help and relocation services to nurses who have gained overseas employment. The travel nurse agency provides planning and packing advice, housing assistance -- if necessary -- and health related information before the nurse receives placement.

      For qualified nurses with plenty of experience and good references, dozens of placement opportunities around the world may be available. The travel nurse agency often helps these nurses decide on location based on their individual interests and needs.

    Benefits Provided

    • Besides being the actual employer of all sponsored travel nurses and paying their salary, travel nurse agencies also offer a variety of other benefits. Travel reimbursement, paid housing and paid medical care are usually standard parts of the package, while other benefits like completion bonuses and continuing education programs are commonly offered as well.

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