Free Eye Exams & Glasses for Seniors with Low Income in Oregon

Low-income seniors in Oregon have opportunities to receive a free eye exam. Seniors who have vision problems or something which can affect their vision, such as glaucoma, must make eye exams and prescription glasses a priority. Receiving free eye exams can be tricky, yet charities and insurance programs headquartered in other states have partnered with ophthalmologists and vision centers in Oregon to assist low-income seniors in need of assistance.

  1. Apply for Medicare.

    • Medicare applicants with vision problems, such as glaucoma, are eligible for free eye exams and glasses. Additionally, those with diabetes who are receiving Medicare can obtain eye exam recommendations and glasses on an as-needed basis by their doctor. The exams or glasses may be covered by Medicare, but you will need to pay an annual fee based on the terms of your coverage.

    Check with the local Lions Club

    • The Lions Club International provides financial assistance to seniors who are not able to afford eye exams or eyeglasses. Their Sight First program has helped hundreds of seniors receive financial assistance for eye exams and obtaining eyeglasses. You can use the “club locator” on their webßsite to find a branch near you.

    Find a sight-focused charity

    • A variety of charitable programs for the sight-challenged exist to assist low-income seniors in need of eye care. Some charities will cover the cost of an eye exam, while others will assist those in need of glasses. In Oregon, some ophthalmologists and agencies work with charities such as New Eyes for the Needy.

    Ask a vision center representative.

    • Ask a local vision center, such as LensCrafters or Binyons, if it is partnered with an organization which assists low-income seniors. Companies such as OneSight often work with regional vision centers to assist low-income customers. Do research on the Internet to check for local vision centers that do participate in these programs.

    Visit a local hospital.

    • Social workers at a local hospital may be able to assist low-income seniors in need of an eye exam. Additionally, charitable hospitals may have their own vision program to assist such patients. Ask a doctor or a nurse at a local hospital about the services needed.

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