Project Management Software Pros and Cons

Managing projects is an essential function of all businesses to help get new ideas and concepts off the ground and make them a reality. Project management is also essential to keep current projects in line. One of the steps that can help in this process is to use some sort of project management software. Project management software can sometimes be costly, but it can also help in the long run to keep businesses productive and profitable.

  1. Keeping Everyone Up to Date

    • One of the pros of project management software is that it is a great way to keep everyone on the same page. Communication is a key component of project management, and projects can be done more effectively and with fewer problems if each member of the project team is kept in the loop regarding what is going on. Most project management software programs can do this, even if the program only keeps track of one component of the entire project.

    Multiple Programs May Be Required

    • One of the cons of using project management software is that multiple programs may be necessary. There may not be one single perfect project management program that will keep track of every element of a project. Therefore, in order to keep track of multiple elements, it may be necessary to buy different programs targeted to different aspects of the project. The more project management software programs that need to be used, the more the risk increases for project members to be confused. This can also get costly as each program needs to be purchased separately, and all members of the project team must know how to use each of the programs correctly.


    • Managing projects can become a challenging task if the team members are spread across distance as it can be hard for interactive collaboration to take place remotely. Project management software programs can work with team members who are separated geographically, offering them the ability to interact with one another as if they were in the same room. Different teams can even log on and see and share information with each other every day. This helps to maintain the personal relationships of the team members and make it easier for them to complete a project across a distance.

    Unnecessary Features

    • A disadvantage of project management software is excessive features. Many programs offer too many elements or offer features that aren't needed for the specific project at hand. This can make the software difficult to learn and can also create another element of confusion for project team members. While covering all of the details for project completion is important, this means project managers must be sure that the software they choose for project management isn't too detailed for the task intended.

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