CEUs for LPNs in Massachusetts

After a licensed practical nurse receives training and passes the National Council Licensure Examination, a LPN applies to her state nursing board for a nursing license. Once granted, LPNs must complete continuing education to maintain herLPN license. The Massachusetts Board of Registration in Nursing establishes the guidelines and requirements governing LPN licenses and renewals.

  1. Identification

    • Licensed practical nurses perform a variety of patient care duties under the guidance and supervision of registered nurses. They observe and record patient information, such as temperature, blood pressure and temperature, in the patient chart. They may also help patient bathe, dress and eat. As of May 2008, LPNs earn a median yearly salary of $39, 030, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics website.

    CEU Definition

    • Organizations nationwide use continuing education units as the standard measurement for continuing education. One CEU equates to 10 contact hours.
      Each 50-minute block of time spent in the course earns one contact hour. In addition, one semester hour credit equals 15 contact hours and one contact hour equals two clinical hours or 100 minutes.

    Massachusetts LPN CEU Requirements

    • Massachusetts requires LPNs practicing in the state to renew their nursing licenses bianually. A licensed practical nurse must earn 15 CH of continuing education credit every two years to receive license renewal. A LPN does not have to earn CEUs for their very first license renewal. A LPN cannot utilize courses in CPR and advanced cardiac life support to fulfill the CEU requirement for license renewal. Nor can she submit mandatory inservices and workshops she must attend for her employer. A LPN must keep proof of her CEUs for four years afterward. This proof is only sent to the Massachusetts Board of Nursing if requested for verification.


    • Licensed practical nurses choose from a variety of providers to earn their CEUs. This includes online providers and workshops attended in person. Continuing education programs must comply with standards established by the Massachusetts nursing board. This includes written course objectives with specific and quantifiable learning outcomes and the course content must relate to the science of nursing. Additionally nursing CEU providers must keep records of participants, and give attendees records or certificates of the CEUs earned, that identify the date, contact hours awarded, course name and provider.

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