Outdoor Plans for Playground Equipment for Your Cat

Cats love having their playground equipment outside.
Cats love having their playground equipment outside. (Image: Jupiterimages/Photos.com/Getty Images)

Cats need plenty of exercise to stay healthy and burn off excess energy. Even indoor cats enjoy getting out of the house for some fresh air occasionally. Moving your cat's playground equipment outdoors is an easy way to give your cat both the exercise he needs and fresh air that he craves. There are a few outdoor plans that will allow your cat to be outside with his playground equipment, while remaining safe and unable to run away.

Screened Porch

If you already have a screened porch attached to your house, you can easily put your cat's playground equipment out there. With a screened porch, your cat can roam freely in and out of the house, get the fresh air he so desires and play on his equipment whenever he wants. You don't have to worry about your cat wandering away from your home or making contact with other animals. If the screened porch is not attached, you may want to build a tunnel that leads from the house to the screened porch.

Cat Enclosure

A cat enclosure is similar to a screened in porch, but usually smaller and cheaper to build. It can be attached to your house or off in your yard a little ways. If it is attached to the house, you only need to build three walls and add a roof. Make it any size you desire, and you may want to add a cat door so your cat can enter on his own. Put your cat's playground equipment in the enclosure, along with tree trunks and natural items to make a safe play area.

Garden Enclosure

If your backyard happens to be surrounded by tall walls, you can easily make a play area for your cat. Remove any items that can be used by your cat to scale the wall. Put the playground equipment throughout backyard to make a very large play area for your cat.

Cat Fence

Put an outdoor cat fence around your entire backyard, giving your cat a very large playground. Cat fences are made of flexible mesh that pulls down when your cat's weight warps the extenders that are attached. After trying several times to escape from the enclosure, your cat will realize that there is no way out, and will enjoy the sun and fresh air while freely playing with all of the playground equipment.

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