Birthday Gifts for Women Administrators

Giving gifts to women of power or those who are in an administrative position can be a bit tricky because you want to impress them but at the same time do not want to come off as wanting something in return. You must consider the personality of the person you are giving the gift to, but it must be professional and not too personal.

  1. Gifts for Relaxation

    • Anti-stress gifts such as travel pillows, aromatherapy sets and spa gift certificates are crowd pleasers. You can go with what your budget allows as affordable bath salts, pedicure treatments and body lotions are all widely available. You can also splurge by giving memory foam pillows, a whole line of organic body care products or luxurious multitreatment spa gift cards.

    Organizers and Accessories

    • Organizers can be in the form of leather-bound daily planners, travel bag organizers for the jet-setting administrator or handy gadget organizers that can hold phones, adapters, cables and other electronics-related accessories. You could get kitchen organizers for the foodie administrator. Match the type of organizer to the interests of the recipient. A laptop bag with multiple compartments for notepads, pens and charging cables is also an option. Phone cases or protective screens and applications or additional software for her laptop or phone are also options. You can find economical laptop cases and phone slipcovers or designer cases such as those from Kate Spade or Michael Kors.

    Office Items

    • Gifts for the workspace of the receiver can be really useful or can go straight to the trashcan. Make sure that your gifts are used by observing what your target recipient prefers. Since administrators or organization heads do a lot of scheduling, a desk calendar, a modern desk organizer with a compartment for business cards, or even a personalized, engraved desk nameplate would be a useful choice. Personalized notepads are a safe option, mobile phone desk charging stations and even quirky printed folders and notebooks are other practical ideas.

    Wine and Spirits

    • In the business world, giving a fine bottle of wine or scotch is a standard gifting option. Businesses often send bottles to their customers. Bosses may shower their subordinates with a bottle during the holidays. And, the rank and file may chip in for a Cabernet just to show how much they appreciate their boss. If your female superior is somewhat of an enophile or just loves to down a few shots of Johnny Walker, then serving her a bottle may be a good idea. For $100 to $150, you can pick out a decent bottle of wine, a gift bag and a stainless steel automatic wine opener to go with it.

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