Display Ideas for Swarovski Crystal Tulips

Whether you have collected so many Swarovski crystal tulips you literally need a commercial display case to house them, or you've got a small garden's worth of these delicate collectibles and can't decide how to use them as home accents, a variety of options await you. Pick a large, commercial display unit to keep your crystal flowers safe, organized and dust-free, but if your collection consists of just a few pieces, you can create a charming setting with a bit of imagination.

  1. Commercial Displayer

    • Contact the Swarovski company and ask how to purchase a commercial display case made to show off the facets and colors of these delicate collectibles. Alternately, there are tabletop displayers designed for jewelry and other small pieces of art. Some curio cabinets have mirrored interiors or glass shelves. Others feature wood, gold- or silver/nickel-plated trim; many are fitted with 110V halogen lights.

    Wood Cabinets or Displayers

    • Search antique stores for wood furniture, curio cabinets and other vintage furniture pieces to make a one-of-a-kind Swarovski crystal tulip display. Some antique cabinets have glass doors, so they will keep your crystal from collecting dust; if you want guests to get a good look at the colors and sparkle of your collection--and if you don't mind dusting the crystal from time to time--don't hide the flowers behind glass.

    Flower Cart or Basket

    • You don't have to spend a fortune to put your Swarovski crystal tulips in a charming display. Search for a countertop-sized flower cart, rustic wagon or vintage-style vehicle at craft stores and novelty shops. Fill the interior with moss or silk grass, then arrange the crystal tulips amid the greenery. Alternately, re-create a European flower market using crates or baskets to corral your Swarovski tulips. Situate the basket on a bookshelf or end table, or use it as your dining-room table centerpiece.

    Shelf-top Display

    • If a pricey glass display unit from Swarovski isn't your style and you don't particularly like the idea of grouping your crystal tulips into a basket or cart, make your own display on a library shelf, atop your piano, or in the middle of your coffee table. Arrange small gift boxes of varying heights in close proximity to one another, sprinkle green paper shreds over the grouping to suggest grass, and place the crystal tulips on top of the boxes. Replace the green shreds with black velvet cloth for drama and high contrast. You may also illuminate the display.

    Showcase One Tulip

    • If you're lucky enough to have found at least one oversize, retired Swarovski crystal tulip to add to your collection, congratulations. These rare pieces deserve a special place when you put them in a display. Turn small terracotta flowerpots (2 to 3 inches high) upside down and group them into a circle. Place a larger inverted pot in the middle. Arrange tulips atop the pots, then place the retired piece on the tallest one to complete the crystal garden display.

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