The Best Training Collar or Harness for a Great Dane Puppy

Due to their large size, Great Danes need strong collars or harnesses
Due to their large size, Great Danes need strong collars or harnesses (Image: Jupiterimages/ Images)

Great Danes are famous for their formidable size. Many people enjoy these giant dogs as pets. Even as puppies Great Danes are large and strong. If they are not trained properly they can be menaces for their owners. Due to their size they can difficult to walk if they do not learn how to do it right. Choosing the right collar for leash training is essential.

Martingale Collars

Martingale ( collars are effective for training Great Danes. They are wide, stylish collars designed to easily slip over the dog’s head, fit smoothly, and adjust appropriately with the dog’s activity. Martingales come in both single loop and double loop styles. The single loop is simple and provides a good amount of support when the dog is on the leash. The double loop is stronger and probably more suitable for a Great Dane.

Easy Walk Harness

The Gentle Leader Easy Walk Harness ( is another option for leash training a Great Dane. The harness is designed differently than standard harnesses. The leash attaches to the front chest strap of the harness rather than the back of the harness. This prevents the uncomfortable tightening across the chest other harnesses cause. This harness is excellent for Great Danes because it is strong and will help you control the dog’s movements without agitating him.

Halti Head Collar

Halti Head (haltiheadcollar) collars are built to give the walker full control over a feisty, strong puppy like a Great Dane. The Halti Head collar wraps around the dog’s mouth and snout area somewhat like a muzzle.The back of the collar wraps around the back of the neck. The leash attaches to the muzzle part of the collar, rather than the neck collar, to the walker more control. If you use the Halti Head collar for your Great Dane puppy, you may want to consider attaching the standard Halti collar which connects to the shoulder and chest to give more support.

Prong Collar

The prong collar may look like a torture device upon first glance, but it is actually harmless and quite effective in training a large puppy like a Great Dane. It is a metal collar with eight metal prongs inside it. These do not stab or hurt the dog in any way; instead they relieve the dog of strong pressure from the collar while the dog is on the leash. This strong collar gives the walker support over a pulling puppy. Keep the collar higher on the dog’s neck to make it more comfortable for the dog.

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